The course focuses on developing the fundamentals of batting technique and skills. The course emphasizes the basic principles of batting including watching the ball, being balanced and keeping the head still, judging the length and selecting the shot to play. The course teaches the complete repertoire of batting shots; front foot and back foot, defensive and offensive, Horizontal Shots, Vertical Shots, Drives, glances, forward and backward defensive, cuts, hook and pull and the sweep shots are all practiced repeatedly in the course.


Detailed work on technique of bowling action including run-up, jump, delivery and follow through. The practice drills focus on rhythm and accuracy as well as on line and length. Repeatable delivery of Yorkers, good length, bouncers, short of a length etc. The course involves learning the repetitive bowling of different types of deliveries out swinger, in swinger, reverse swing, off cutter, leg cutter, seam bowling, bouncers, slower balls etc.


The course features many innovative fielding drills and programs guaranteed to improve fielding skills while retaining the fun and competitive element. The drills focus on the following areas: The drills teach the basics of attacking and defensive ground fielding, high catching, flat catching and teach the trigger movements and stance required at each position on the field. The course also covers the sliding skills that are so vital to the modern game.


With a selection of the latest fitness tips, gym exercises, workout plans and general fitness tips, the Pankaj Kapadia Cricket Academy collection of over 1,500 different strength and fitness exercises is a great place to start. With our fitness testing section enabling you to establish your current fitness levels. So from gyms, personal trainers using our 100 different free home exercises your choice to find out more with Pankaj Kapadia Cricket Academy is evident.


It is the most important thing. Never stop practicing and playing. We provide everything the aspiring cricket batsman will need to develop Using the correct Cricket Batting Practice Equipment is extremely important. We recommend using either the Eye-In or the middling cricket bats to help improve basic technique and accuracy.


Regular Diet plan given to the players by the Dietician.

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